Mek-Cast Srl ensures compliance with the parameters specified by European legislation for issuing the MOCA Declaration of Conformity.

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The company Mek-Cast srl has recently structured itself so as to effectively meet its customers’ demands, i.e. complying with the obligations under the application of European Regulations (EC) 1935/2004 in the field of the production of MOCA materials and objects, concerning those products destined to come into contact with food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Through internal and external production, control and traceability processes, we are able to ensure compliance with the specified parameters and issue the MOCA (Materials and Objects in Contact with Foodstuffs) Declaration of Conformity.

Certificate 3.1

Mek-Cast Srl can provide the 3.1 Certification, this specific certificate is drawn up by the manufacturer with the aim of certifying the conformity of the material, based on tests that are carried out directly on the casting and material of the batch used.

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